Surrounding Yourself With The Right Tribe

Growing up my father would tell me…. “you are a sum of the people you surround yourself with, so surround yourself with good people.”

As a young girl, I never quite understood the importance of this. I never grasped the truth in it. After all, when you are a child you look at life through rose colored glasses and everyone seems like a good person. However, over the last two years as I have embarked into the world of entrepreneurship, this one piece of advice has been instrumental to my success.

You see, the one question that I see asked a lot in regards to entrepreneurship is: how do you handle people who don’t understand your dreams and passion in life? In other words, how do you start a business for yourself if you are constantly faced with negativity from people in your “circle”?

The first piece of advice I have is that you must build an unshakable mindset. A mindset so strong that when people put you down or don’t understand what you’re doing it doesn’t affect you.

The second piece of advice I have is that you must surround yourself with the do-ers and the go-getters. You must surround yourself with other women who think the way you want to think and act the way you want to act. You must surround yourself with the women who are where you want to be, who make you push harder, who hold you accountable and who believe in your success.

Sadly, for many of us, that also means letting go of people who don’t do those things for us. It means letting go of friendships that hold us back and instead focusing on friendships that push us forward. And while in the moment, the loss of those friendships can be extremely painful as you start to pull away – in the long run your success and wellbeing will thrive because of it.

If you don’t have those positive relationships now or that positive support system in place don’t worry. Because the moment you raise your awareness and decide those are the people you want in your corner, you will attract them. After all, there are so many amazing women kicking ass out there right now and I can guarantee someone else is out there looking for you too!

Here are a few ways to foster those great relationships with the right people:

  1. Reach out to that women who inspires you, who is doing what you want to be doing, and send her an email.
  2. Do some research and see if there are any female entrepreneur groups or creative girl groups in your city that you can join.
  3. Join an online group(s) where there are other likeminded females, like you, and introduce yourself. Chances are there are other women looking for the same thing and would love to connect with you. (You can join my newly launched online group Chic & Successful Entrepreneurs here to get started.)
  4. If you have a local mentor or someone you look up to in your city, email or call them and ask them to have coffee or lunch with you.
  5. Stay away for negative conversations and gossip. If you find yourself in that situation, excuse yourself or try to change it into something positive. And take notice, if there are other girls who are also trying to steer clear from that type of talk – try to befriend them.
  6. Hire a mentor or coach who can help re-shape your mindset and inspire you daily to help get started.

And whatever you do – stay positive chic friend! Positive vibes will attract positive people!



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